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To increase the conveying volume of the belt, sidewalls are often vulcanised to each side of the conveyor belt. These sidewalls are exposed to high forces – in the transverse direction the sidewalls have to carry the weight of the conveyed material, while in the longitudinal direction the sidewalls are stretched and compressed, in particular at the deflection area. Because of this Ambelt® sidewalls are characterized by a wear-resistant and highly flexible rubber quality. Depending on the application, conveying capacity and customer requirements, Ambelt® offers different heights of sidewalls (40 mm to 500 mm in height) as well as fabric reinforced sidewalls. Ambelt® recommends a fabric insert for any sidewalls higher than 140mm. If the sidewalls need to be screwed to the cleats, a fabric insert becomes necessary. 

Ambelt® offers the following pulley lagging qualities:

  • standard
  • oil resistant
  • acid resistant
  • flame retardant
  • heat resistant

Technical data

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