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For gradient angles of more than 18°, bulk material cannot be transported using ordinary textile conveyor belts. Chevron conveyor belts are used instead. As there are many different application areas, flow rates and operational specifications Ambelt® provides an abundant portfolio of open and closed profile types. For individual client requests regarding the height or type of profile, tailor-made solutions can be realized.

Ambelt® also provides chevron belts in RipStop/Breaker version, as well as in cross-rigid, heat resistant, flame-retardant and oil resistant quality.

Application areas:

  • Hafen- und Umschlagtechnik
  • Holzindustrie
  • Hüttenwerke
  • Kraftwerke
  • Kohleindustrie
  • Landwirtschaft
  • Recyclingindustrie
  • Sand- und Kiesindustrie
  • Steinbrüche
  • Zementwerke 

Technical data

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