Textile conveyor belts

Textile conveyor belts are used for bridging medium and long distances as well as for transporting heavy material.

Oil resistant conveyor belts

With this product group, oil and grease-containing materials such as vegetable fats, mineral oils or solvents can be transported.

Chevron belts

For gradient angles of more than 18°, bulk material can only be transported by using chevron conveyor belts.

Sidewall belts

Sidewall belts are suitable for horizontal to vertical transport of bulk material, which can reduce the number of transfer points.

Wear protection

Ambelt® sells high quality wear protection rubber, which is characterized by a particularly low abrasion.

Impact bars

Impact bars serve to protect the conveyor belt and increase the life of your conveying system.

Helmitin® products

Ambelt® is an international distribution partner for Helmitin® adhesive systems, steel primers and cleaners used in conveyor belt processing.


Permaflex is universally applicable and is suitable for the repair of conveyor belts, rubber linings, other linings as well as for joint sealing.