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Drive pulleys guide the engine power via the transmission into the drum and via friction into the belt, while also guiding the conveyor belt from the upper run to the lower run. Ambelt® sells particularly robust and easy-to-maintain drive pulleys to ensure the longevity of your conveying system. The specification of the drive pulley depends on several parameters such as the area of application, the amount of material being transported, the running speed of the belt and the belt specification. The Ambelt® team will be happy to advise you on the right selection of the drive pulley.

To improve the friction between the drum and the belt and to increase the wear protection, Ambelt® recommends to coat the drive pulley. Depending on the application, either rubber, ceramic or PU are recommended as coating material, which are also part of the Ambelt® product portfolio.

For inquiries, please directly refer to the Ambelt® Serviceteam.


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