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Ambelt® focuses on climate neutral dispatch

Sustainability is not only important to us, we also take responsibility. Ambelt® tries to be climate neutral as far as possible. Specifically, this means the following:

  • 1,500 new trees for carbon neutrality

In order to make our company CO2-neutral, Ambelt® has been an official sponsor of the Klima-Aktion-Wald since 2022. We have determined our CO2 footprint for the year 2021 and together with the Lower Saxony State Forests a plot of land for forestation was found in the Wolfenbüttel district, where 1,500 new trees are now being planted by Ambelt®.

  • Saving resources

Since 2014 Ambelt uses the climate-neutral service of the Deutsche Post for its mail-activities. Furthermore, the company operates most of its mailings by electronical media if favored by our customers to best use the technical capabilities and save resources.

Ambelt focuses on social commitment

Ambelt® regularly supports charitable institutions and social projects where we consider it important to donate nationally as well as internationally. A small excursion on the activities of the past years:

  • Kleingärtnerverein “Mastbruch” e.V. in Brunswick (2014)

In 1917, close to the end of the First World War, approx. 400 tenants started gardening on the premises at the Brodweg which by then belonged to the Abbey of Riddagshausen.

Ambelt® and its employees helped out actively and with donations for the garden party in summer of 2014. The returns were invested in the dismantling of the old and installation of the new playground on the premises.

  • Die Weggefährten, Braunschweig (2013)

Die Weggefährten, founded in 2002, are a parents’ initiative supporting children suffering from cancer who are treated in the Klinikfür Kinder- und Jugendmedizin of the Städtische Klinikum Braunschweig. It is essential for Ambelt® having a strong bound to Brunswick and surroundings, therefore the company is very content to contribute to “die Weggefährten”.

  • Soziale Hilfeverband Strausberg e.V., Brandenburg

The nonprofit association Soziale Hilfeverband Strausberg e.V (SHS e.V.) has supported socially deprived families since 1991. One of their programs includes educational activities that aid adolescents in eventually starting a professional career. In addition, the association supports families with handicapped children and teenagers through one-to-one care and by offering avariety of leisure activities.

  • Montfort Youth Centre (MYC) in Malaysia (2010+2011)

Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia produce and distribute more than three quarters of the world’s supply of rubber. The entire supply chain of the German rubber industry is therefore heavily dependent on the Asian economy. Secure long-term prices for German industry can therefore only be secured if these countries achieve political, social and economic stability. For this reason Ambelt® supports the Montfort Youth Centre which is a Christian charity based in Malacca, Malaysia. This amenity offers young people a two-year training program including accommodation. It gives young people the opportunity to integrate into society and to improve their career and general prospects.

Ambelt® focuses on cleanness

Each employee makes an effort to act responsibly and to find creative solutions contributing to improve environmental standards. 2013 the container project has started. Ambelt® guarantees environmentally friendly disposal and recycling of material remains and used conveyor belts which are picked-up upon customer’s request.


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