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Ambelt® light duty conveyor belts are generally used for short to medium transportation distances and allow transportation of bulk and pieces also in narrow production areas, e. g. in the food industry or in logistic centres.

We offer you a solution for almost every application area. The product portfolio complies light conveyor belts made of PU, PVC and other material. According to your requirements with cleats and sidewalls – with or without textile layers as well as for oil resistant and FDA applications.

Types of connections according to your specifications or our recommendation:

  • Stepped finger joints
  • Punched finger joints
  • Mechanical joints
  • Two or multilayered stepped connection
  • Polyester zip connections
  • Overlap splices

Application areas:

  • Glass industry
  • Wood industry
  • Food industry
  • Logistic centres and parcel services
  • Recycling industry
  • Brick factories
  • Sugar industry

For inquiries, please directly refer to the Ambelt® Serviceteam.


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